CarX Street Tips and Tricks for Making it the Best Race Ever


As you know, Carx Street is a unique game from other android racing games. The sound, speed of Cars and their competition with each other make it more unique. Each player brings a unique experience to this game and makes the game adventurous and exciting .It’s no wonder we are all obsessed with it.

Before embarking on the exciting journey, the user needs to have a basic understanding of game features, such as how to use , the starring button, the accelerometer, maps, settlement, and other important elements. In this article, we will cover CarX street tips and tricks for beginners . So get ready to become a pro player. It will be a complete and comprehensive guide that will excel your gaming skills.

Getting Started:

Get ready to download Carx Street on any device (android or iOS) with the mod version. Simply download it on your device and let the fun begin. CarX Street mod APK provides detailed instructions for downloading the game. If you want to play CarX Street on PC , you will need to use emulators like Bluestacks , LD Player etc . You can follow these steps given in the Carx street mod APK to download emulators for your PC.

Basic CarX Street Tips and Tricks:

Here are some basic tips that every player who will play this game should know 👍

  • Start with easy step
  • Use Customization option
  • Understand Physics
  • Upgrade wisely
  • Event Participation
  • Keep an eye on Fuel

Start with easy step:

For a newbie, it’s recommended to start with the easier levels to gain a better understanding of the gameplay of CarX Street . Once you feel comfortable, you can move to hard levels for more rewarding gaming experience.

Use Customization option:

With the mod version of this game, you have the option to personalize your vehicle by customizing and painting it according to your preference.

Understand Physics:

Before starting the game it’s important to familiarize yourself with the physics of the game like how to maintain the car using steering wheels, car accelerator using the car pedal, and execute drift . the game will be easy for you to understand.

Upgrade wisely:

When upgrading your vehicles in the game, it’s important to make wise choices. especially when it comes to parts that can improve your performance, such as acceleration, handling, top speed, etc.

Event Participation:

participates in different challenges and events within the game and earns rewards, coins, and cash prizes . By using this money you can upgrade your vehicles.

Keep an eye on Fuel:

Carx Street offers a fuel system option that allows you to extend your game duration by using fuel wisely.

Master control:

The player’s comfort depends on their familiarity with the control

Advanced Tips and tricks in CarX Street:

Learn the track

To ensure smooth and focused gameplay, a player should use a track that has some idea of corners, shortcuts, and a well-designed layout. This helps in navigate easily and keeps his full focus on the tracks because an unbalance of speed may lead to collision.

Record Game

Remember that while you are playing the game don’t forget to record it so that when you watch the recording after playing the game, you will know your mistakes and Avoid these mistakes in the next game.

Join Club

Being part of a club can add a new dimension to your gaming experience and broaden your horizons. it provides an opportunity to learn from other members skills and creativity and can inspire new ideas for your own gaming


Participating in sprints can also enhance your gaming skills and lead to numerous rewards coins and wins that will elevate your gaming experience

Customizing Button Settings

In addition to customizing cars, you can also customize the settings of their buttons to improve your gaming experience.

updated with new version:

Make sure you get the update as soon as the new version is released. update your YouTube to have access to the new features .

Multiple Modes

You need to be a newbie to select different modes and play games on them. It will give you a lot of gaming experience.

Patience and practice

The advice I would like to give you is to never give up, no matter how many defeats you face.

Best cars for tracks in CarX Street

BMW M3 Circuit Tracks

NISSAN 240SX: Drift Tracks

SUBARU BRZ: Twist And Technical Tracks

TOYOTA GT86: Drift Tracks

MAZDA RX-7: Time Attack Tracks

FORD MUSTANG Drag: Racing Tracks

DODGE CHALLENGER Drag: Strip Or High-Speed Tracks

HONDA CIVIC: Racing Tracks


CHEVROLET CAMARO: Straight Line Drag Tracks

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